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Textual Picture Mounts, Put Your Pictures Behind Writing!

If you are looking for a new way to frame your holiday photos, or photos that are from an event, we can frame them on a text based picture mount. We can cut out any text you desire using our state of the art mount cutting machinery. The example below shows some holiday photos from Samoens. It has Samoens cut out of the mount board, with the middle letter ‘o’ replaced with a heart shape.

Hope this gives you some inspiration! Call in today for more information about text cut out of picture mounts.

Multi Mount Framing

Multi Mount Framing

Have you got some photos or items that you want framing, together in the same frame? If so, we offer a multi mount picture framing service, where you can have more than one piece of artwork framed in the same frame. Have a look at some of our photos below, as you can see there are 9 windows in this example, the 4 at the top have objects placed in them, to give a fantastic 3D effect, then there are 4 pictures below each of them, and finally a plaque at the bottom.

We print our own plaques, so don’t worry about getting these before calling in to see us.